Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Story wasn't as bad as I thought. Read the whole thing if you want. Everyone has to start somewhere I guess.

If I step one foot inside of Lowe's anytime soon I'll loose my freaking mind. We were there today. Again. The idea Bob had for his room wasn't going to work (not enough texture wall paper) so we were there trying to figure out what to do. I say we because he keeps asking me what he should do. His room, should be his decision. He finally found a good idea with green on the walls and a lighter shade on the trim. Tomorrow the room gets painted, no turning back. My room should be done in the beginning of next week, before Bob heads to North Carolina to visit his sister and nephew. Thank god I'll get a break for a few days. If my key gets made I'll start moving some of my stuff over to the house.

The thought of all of the crap I need to move is giving me a headache. While we were painting today I started getting a mental image of how I want to arrange my room. Cool part is my room has a window in it leading right out on to the balcony. Sweet. I intend on putting a lounge chair and some potted plants out there. own little slice of heaven.

Training for Red Lobster starts next week. I'm excited. And nervous. And definitely looking forward to getting a weekly paycheck again. I forgot how nice it was to get one until I wasn't anymore. Like sex, you forget how much you miss it until you aren't getting it on a regular basis.

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