Monday, June 07, 2004

I have to say, hearing of the death of Ronald Reagan took me by surprise Saturday. My first reaction was Oh god, they're going to totally have to redo the front page of Sunday's edition (I've been at job #1 a little too long). Then I started thinking back on his presidency. I was almost 5 when he was elected in 1980. I remember watching the election results come in with my grandmother (a very staunch Democrat) and hearing her say, well, there goes the country! Being a Democrat myself I may not agree with everything the man did in office. Iran/Contra definitely leaves a cloud over his legacy but he did do some good things. The beginning of the end of the Cold War. The strengthening of ties with the former Soviet Union. The push for more space exploration. Those kind of things left an indelible mark on not just the U.S. but the World.

This weekend was nice. In fact, it was more than nice. It was great. I finally got to Annapolis to see my friend Tracy. Lyzz and I went for the official kick off to the year long Tracy turns 30 celebration extravaganza. Or at least that's what Lyzz and I are calling it. It took me longer than usual because there was a fender bender on 695. Nothing like sitting by yourself, in the rain, for a good 10 minutes waiting for traffic to clear. I started singing along with my Maroon 5 cd. Hey, anything to pass the time, right? After I got to Tracy's house she called her friend Erin, a very cool chica, and we all headed out for dinner at Buddy's. Excellent place to eat. If you're ever in the downtown Annapolis area I reccomend it. But I digress.

After dinner we went to one of the local bars, Griffins. I had been there a few times before. Very cool place. I must have been looking particulary cute in my new light pink button-down shirt from Target because as we were standing around talking this guy at the bar leans over and asks me if I'm going to start dancing when the band starts playing. I just kind of looked at him (wasn't too bad to look at either) and said Sorry, I haven't had that much to drink tonight. We both just laughed and I walked back to the bar for another beer. That was when I saw they actually had the holy grail of beers. Yes folks I had Smithwicks. Oh boy did I have Smithwicks. The bartender looked a little shocked when I asked for it but then complimented me on my choice in beer. We had a nice little conversation about its goodness then he got busy and didn't get back around to talk some more before we left. Too bad.

Yesterday was all about work. Blah. I did this for this morning's edition. Nothing spectacular but every little clip helps I guess.

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