Sunday, July 18, 2004

What a weekend. Sheesh. I'm going to need two days just to recover. Friday night was, as usual, spent at the Lobster trying to earn some dinero to get my bills paid. Friday's are always a double edged sword. On most nights we're super busy, which is good for the bank account. But on the other side when we're super busy I'm running around the restaurant like a chicken with its head cut off. Yesterday was just spent running back and forth between the Parker party and my hockey game (we won 1-0 by the way).
The party was a good time, I had wayyyy more to drink than I should have (shots of the Captain at 1 a.m. off of an ice block. Good times) and paid for it today. It was tough getting out of bed this morning. Real tough. I had such a crappy day at the Lobster I was just thisclose to bursting into tears at the end of my shift. My last table was so demanding and such a pain in the butt. Sigh. I didn't get out of that job until almost an hour after I was told I could go home. That made me later than I wanted to be to get to job #1 so now I'm here until 10 tonight. Holy tired, Batman. My story is in (I've already been told it will be held to run Tuesday, no biggie) so now I'll just putz around and try to get some other stories started in the mean time.
One bright spot today, one of the guys I work with at the Lobster looked at me and said he thought I was pretty darn cute, if only I wasn't so much older he'd definitely go out with me. I just rolled my eyes and said, yeah right. He was adamant though. According to him I would be perfect, if only I wasn't so much older. I just laughed a little bit, thanked him and walked away. Considering I don't hear compliments like that too much I should take what I can get I guess. I think that's why I kind of like working there so much. Most of the guys I work with have no qualms about hitting on me. I know it's all in good fun and they don't mean it but it's still nice to get the ego boost, even if they are my sister's age.
Speaking of my sister, she has found a place to live in North Carolina. I don't remember the name of the little town it's in but her new home is only 15 minutes from Camp Lejune. Good for her hubby. Bad for me. I'm already starting to miss her and she's not even gone yet! Funny how our relationship has changed over the last couple of years. There are days when I'm sure people think she's the older more responsible one. Heck, I know she's more responsible than I am when it comes to managing her money and being organized in general. I'm glad we've gotten to this point in our lives. She really has become one of my best friends.

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