Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I feel pretty...

It took me a long time to get into the whole "girly girl" thing.

As a little girl I was more inclined to be out in the backyard playing in the dirt or on the swing set than inside playing with My Little Ponies or Barbie (god love my mother for trying). Makeup wasn't allowed until high school but by then, I was at the point where I could take it or leave it. I think I bought my first tube of mascara in college.

While I was in college though, things changed. Yes, I was more likely to show up to my classes in pajama pants and sweatshirts than skirts and nice tops but still, on the weekends, I at least started making an effort. For all of those drunk frat boys, who, now that I look back at the whole thing, were usually too pissed to notice any eyeshadow let alone where my eyes were.

Since college, my attitude has changed even more. I have a routine. The brows get waxed occasionally. The nails are painted every now and then, outside of hockey season of course. My gloves wreck havoc on any kind of manicure. And as much as I hate to admit it, I love going to Mary Kay type parties. On some level I think it's an attempt to balance my more sport loving side with that girly girl hiding somewhere in the back, waving her well manicured hands, tossing her new hairdo and screaming with freshly painted pink lips "Hey, back here, don't forget about me!"

Tonight friend Marcy is having a pedicure party at her house. I'll be leaving to pick up the former room mate in a little bit and we'll head out for a fun night with the girls. Hell, I may even indulge in a drink or two.

Because that's what the girly girl would want me to do.

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