Thursday, September 15, 2005

Don't call FEMA just yet

Received this email from Little Sis this afternoon (anything in italics is me):

Well Everyone..the storm is FINALLY GONE!!! Cooper (their dog) and I
braved the storm and everything is fine here. There of course are some branches,
sticks, everything else here but nothing major. To my amazement...Our power
NEVER went out!! That was a relief. The winds sounded like they were just going
to lift the whole house and take it away. The only damage we had to our house is
it looks like there is water damage in the living room, bathroom, and kitchen
ceilings from our roof, which our property management company knows about. Now
its just time to clean this mess up! They had a curfew in Onslow County (North Carolina) from 7pm-5am but have moved it back to 12pm due to
people getting out and going..and coming across wires down, trees down, and some
flooding as well. But we did it!! I told James (the brother in law)
last night that everything is happening while he is gone, and he said well
that's good! HAha! But we are all fine down here and we can't wait to get back
to our normalness, and back to counting down our days until James comes home (he's a Marine currently deployed in Iraq)! Talk to you all


So all is well at Little Sis's abode in Jacksonville, NC. I heaved a big sigh of relief, let the blood pressure come down a few points and went back to work.

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