Monday, September 12, 2005

Drive by

There's not going to be much time for posting this week as I've got a full schedule of band practice, Fair attending, Alumni functions and other pressing matters on the calendar. So I just wanted to quickly mention a few things:

- The Prez is at it again. Didn't he already see the damage once? The political pandering and such in the wake of the hurricane sickens me. And I like politics.

- For those of you wondering (all 6 of you that still read this thing), Little Sis is preparing for a quick departure should Ophelia upgrade to a Cat 3 or 4. I spoke to her Saturday night, just to check in and she told me she's got a bag with clothes, personals and things for the dog all ready to go. They plan on battening down the hatches and riding it out otherwise.

- If you have some time, head on over here and check out my friend Pete's band, Terminal Lunchbox. While I haven't heard them play in person, I've got a few bits downloaded onto the Mp3 player. They rock. Oh yeah, do they rock. Show them some love.

- Lastly, a word of advice to you guys. When a female coworker wears a shirt that shows a little more cleavage than usual, do not remark upon seeing her "Giving the girls a little sunshine today, huh?" Almost fall out of your shirt once at a company function and you're marked for life.

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