Monday, October 31, 2005

It's freaking scary I tell ya

This is what happens when people try to have a harmless little Halloween parade.

The good Rev. Grove is in his second year of causing chaos in a parade that has been occuring for almost 50 years now. Last year his beef was about not being allowed in the parade. The courts agreed that his First Amendment rights were being violated so he was allowed in. At the end. Behind the police car. Behind the signs warning people of graphic images. From what I remember there weren't any incidents of attacks on the good Rev. Grove and his minions. People just did the smart thing, turned around as he went by and left. No harm no foul.

This year he was allowed in again, in the same position, but this time more people took exception to his anti-abortion message. Personally I am of the pro-choice persuasion and as much as I hate to admit it, the man is allowed to voice his opinions. That's what this country is about after all. As far as I'm concerned he can spout his radical right propaganda all he wants. I just don't think a family type function is the place to do it.

I was in the parade this year. The high school band I'm helping with marched all 2-1/2 miles so I did too. The good Rev. Grove was behind us, but not by much as we were kind of at the end of the parade groups. He came through where my family was standing just after I made it back to our usual spot. I was inside getting a drink and decided to stay there as his float made it's way down the street. My grandmother, god love her 83 year old liberal Democrat soul, stood up and turned her back on him.

And that's about as exciting as things get around here on a Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone for their well wishes while I was fighting the cold from hell. Thursday night I was in bed and down for the count for a good 11 hour sleep. Friday I felt a little better (the sleep and Thera-Flu did their job I guess) so when J called me to talk about going out for a bite to eat I jumped at the chance. He didn't bring up the message (see Oct. 23). Which I was grateful for. There are so many reasons I'm reluctant to move beyond friendship with this guy. He's a lot younger. Neither one of us is quite where we need to be in life for something serious. Sigh. Maybe I'm just being a scaredy cat. Maybe I'm making more out of this than there needs to be. I don't know.

But it's freaking scary.

Happy Halloween everyone. May the Great Pumpkin bring you lots of treats.


Denise said...

Nasty people who want to ruin others' harmless enjoyment are just plain wrong!

Anonymous said...

ok. thank god. i can finally comment. alright...let's examine your reluctance to get involved with that guy youve been talking to.

1. "he's a lot younger" so is colin farrell.

2. "neither one of us is quite where we need to be in life for something serious" neither is colin farrell

3. "maybe im just being a scaredy cat". BINGO!!!!!

all of us here at mr. helpful enterprises strongly recommend you dive into this relationship head first and without delay...

--mr. helpful

Anonymous said...

CSx is back. Long time posted the other day.