Tuesday, August 01, 2006

As if I wasn't already feeling ancient

Turns out I am older than MTV. And I've seen every Real World Season from New York to Key West.

Sigh. Not something you want to be faced with before the second cup of coffee.


James Burnett said...

Just found your blog. Love it. Good commentary on current events. And don't feel bad about being older than MTV. I just celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary and was joking w/my wife that it is almost depressing that she was five when MTV was "born," and I was eight, and we both thought the opposite sex was disgusting then. Now? We're old and MTV's right behind us.

Keep up the good work.

That 30's Guy said...

MTV is nothing close to what it was when I was growing up. I can't stand to even flip it on for one second. They should call it something new, but because the brand name is so famous, it'll stay. There's not one thing musical about it anymore.

kate said...

Me too. But I never had cable growing up and couldn't afford it in college. The only real exposure I had to MTV was a a friend's sleep overs where we'd stay up all night drooling over Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight.

I even had the *huge* button I'd wear on my jean jacket.

I was cool.

agategoddess said...

James - Thanks for visiting my little old blog! It's always nice to hear from new people who find me out there in the blogosphere (is that a word?).

And while I do remember when members of the opposite sex were "icky" and I still do think that on occasion, that doesn't stop me from sleeping with them.

30s Guy - Yeah, I generally get disgusted with it too. Is it a sign of old age that I prefer VH1 (not much better with the music, but at least they still have the Top 20 countdown)?

Kate - Lol, I had the jean jacket and big button too. And yes, we were very cool.