Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sweet serenity

As of 5 p.m. the phone still hadn't rang.

We needed to be on the road no later than 5:15 to make it to Allentown on time. And that was pushing it what with traffic and then finding a place to park. I had this gut feeling that we weren't going to go.

The trip to see our mutual friend perform in one of his last DCI shows had been planned quite some time ago. After we found out they would be sort of close in Allentown, Work Friend A and I talked about going. As the days got closer I requested off so we could leave early enough to get there. She had planned on at least working the lunch shift. Friday night as I was leaving we only had a few minutes to talk. She took down my number, told me she'd call me Saturday to let me know what time and we'd go from there. She then ran off to take care of a table.

I turned back to my conversation with a certain hot keyboard player in my favorite local band. He had stopped in for a beer and quick hello before heading home. We talked about the upcoming CD release party, band camp (he instructs at a band south of the Mason-Dixon) and other things. After a hug good-bye (swoon) I made my way home.

Saturday was going to be laundry day. I forced myself out of bed early and accomplished a few things around the house, not wanting to commit to anything that would take me too long to finish, the rest of the afternoon was spent quietly watching television or playing with the dog. Days where I don't have any realy worries are few and far between and I wanted to take full advantage of it.

By 5:45 I still hadn't received a phone call, so I went upstairs, pulled on my pajamas, grabbed my pedicure kit and settled in for the night. There aren't many Saturday nights when I not only don't have to work but also have the house to myself.

Once I finished the pedi (my feet are loving me right now) I flipped around the television to see if any interesting movies were on. Legally Blond (one of my favorites) was on TBS so I made myself a cup of chamomile tea while the first round of commercials were on then firmly planted my butt on the couch.

Room mate #1 found me there over 2 hours later, napping on the couch.

Nice, quiet nights at home are getting to be fewer and fewer but man, when they happen it's best not to let them slip away. Sure I could have been out in my best hoochie wear, dancing at a bar, trying to get some guy's number but instead, I did something even better. I took care of me.

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Sassy Sandy said...

Hey AgateGoddest, out of sheer curiosity, where in PA are you? I'm from the Allentown area originally and now live in Williamsport. As a former band-o, I attended many DCI shows at J. Birney Crum. Our school district actually used to host corps in the gyms, and it always coincided with band camp, so we'd get to spend a lot of time watching them practice and such. I haven't been to a show in ages, but they were always such fun!!