Thursday, September 21, 2006

An empty house

Tonight is a night I have been looking forward to more than anything in recent history. Sure, it's the night we find out what happened between Jim and Pam on "The Office". It's the first day of Autumn. And tonight is also my first night off, completely, in more than a month.

That's right kids. No work. No band practice. No hockey. No meeting anyone out. Just me, the dog and some quality time to do much needed "girl maintenance". The joy that is welling in my heart is overwhelming! Heck, I'm even wearing the tiara!

You may or may not have noticed a drop off in my blogging frequency. For those four of you who still read this thing regularly, I applaud you for your perseverence. For the newcomers, I sincerely apologize for letting you down. Life has been very, very busy lately (see the previous post) and doesn't really show signs of slowing down. Also, well, there hasn't been much of note going on. The dating life is at a standstill, if not moving backwards (ahem, recent emails and late night phone calls from certain long distance formers) and I doubt you want to hear my whine and bitch on a daily basis about how my job is totally sucking right now or how I just can't get my fat ass in gear and get to the gym more often.

Hell, even I don't want to hear about it and it's my life.

The only even of note was the meltdown by my mother on the day of her birthday party because, yes, you guessed it, my still mid-life crisis having manic depressive father told her he wasn't going to be at the party. Once Little Sis and I finally talked her off the ledge and stood firm on the "No, we're not cancelling the party" I think she actually had a good time in spite of herself. And the cake with the icing that slid off. Stupid bakery.

So that's it in a nutshell. Nothing but business and crazy goings on with the fam. And an empty house that for once, I am able to enjoy.

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