Monday, September 11, 2006


Today, bloggers all over the world will more than likely write long tomes about where they were, what they were doing or what they saw on this day, five years ago. I had thought about it, but really, do you want to hear about that from me?

I wasn't in New York. I was at my desk, at the hated former full time, running around trying to get something or the other done for one of my sales reps when my phone rang. It was my mom, calling to tell me something had happened at the World Trade Center. She was relaying the CNN version to me over the phone...I promptly sat down in my chair and listened, in horror as she broke down and started crying. Then the news kicked in over my radio with what was going on. And I couldn't move. I just sat there...and listened. Then I started frantically trying to call my friends who either lived in The City or worked there. My best friend Leslie who was working in Mid-town and just managed to get the last train back to Hoboken. My friend Dave, who lives in Queens but works just outside of the City. My friend Jenny's brother, Andrew, who I knew worked and lived in the Financial District. Eventually, they were all accounted for.

But so many were not. And still haven't been.

The images of that day still cause a lump to form in my throat and bring tears to my eyes. So many people, gone, in an instant. So many friends, family and loved ones never coming back. Part of the reason I refuse to see "World Trade Center" is because I know emotionally, I'd be a sobbing, blubbering pile of goo. Friend J and I went to see "The Davinci Code", caught the trailer and I burst in to tears.

Today, though, today is about remembering. Remembering people like this. Or this. Or this.

And remembering that today, five years ago, we weren't Democrats or Republicans, Latino or African-American, Red or Blue staters...we were Americans.

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