Tuesday, December 26, 2006

By Post-it note? How about text-message

I only just recently started watching Sex In the City. There are various reasons as to why I'm so late getting to this gem of a show, but the primary one is that I didn't have HBO until I moved in with the guys. Now I'm forced to watched a watered down sanitized version on TBS. This is a travesty from what I'm told, because the original episodes are more brilliant in their original form and I have been told to run to the nearest Blockbuster and start renting them. But that is beside the point.

Recently I happened to catch the episode where Carrie is broken up with by post-it note. I remember thinking what kind of a loser breaks up with someone like that? At least have the balls to do it face to face.

Little did I know how close to home that would be.

Fast forward to Sunday night. After I left work around 5:30 (the obit desk is open 365 days) I rushed home, wrapped my gifts, baked my pie for the family get together and finally settled in on the couch to watch some T.V. before the late service at church with the fam. My cell phone buzzed.

Having a good Christmas Eve?

Yeah, just got home and started relaxing a little. What's up?

Having an interesting break. Went out on a date with a girl I liked for a long time. Hit it off. Sorry to tell you this now, but I felt I had to.

I think you could have knocked me over with a pinky finger.

For those of you new to the wonderful world of moi, let me bring you up to speed. Quickly. In a nutshell I started "seeing", if you will, a guy I will refer to from now on as TBD (The Band Director). TBD and I had a quick dalliance in the Spring, parted ways and reconnected in September. We were more like friends with benefits than anything else, but I was starting to get a little more invested in the relationship. I thought he was too after a long talk about commitment and wanting more sometime around Thanksgiving. Oh how quickly the mind is changed when something better comes along.

As it turns out this girl had recently broken up with her boyfriend and he took the chance to ask her out. She accepted. They hit it off spectacularly. He wants to take her along to Philly and NYC for New Years. Trips I had no idea about.

He proceded to continue asking me questions about what I thought about it when she did this or that. I stopped him in his tracks.

No offense but I need to not talk about this with you now. Give me some time away and I'll be glad to go back to just friends. But talking about another girl with you is not something I want to do.

I understand. I'm sorry to do this to you today, but it had to be done. Have a Merry Christmas.

Yeah, sure, you too.

And that was the end of that. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing. On one hand, I'm kind of glad it ended. On the other, well, I was starting to like this guy more than I should have and this hurts. To be promptly put back on the shelf...again...is not how I pictured ending my year. I meant what I said to him, I just need some time away and then I'll be ready to be friends. But just friends. I can't do the friends with benefits thing with him again. I'm getting too old for that anyway. I want the real thing now. Not the occasional.

There was other drama related to my parents, which, any of you who have read this blog for a long time are probably not surpised to hear about. Pretty much just the same drama just a different holiday. Check out the archives anytime around a holiday for more info.

Happy freaking holidays, huh?

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