Thursday, April 12, 2007

Be patient...

Bear with me while I find the time to make all of the changes I want to for this blog. As you know, I'm moving this thing in a new direction and haven't had the time to fiddle with it as I'd like. That and there was a power surge at home while I was gone for a few days that friend the computer. Lovely.

Hope you like the new name (I'm up for suggestions) and stay tuned! More is forthcoming.

In the mean time, head on over here for more on th Imus controversy. I say the overinflated wrinkled prune has only himself to blame. But I'll get into that more later.

Or you can check out the following (consider it a preview of things to come):

- My beloved O's are off to a meh kind of start. All I can say is please, Free The Birds! I have some insight into opening day (with pictures forthcoming)

- Even though he defected to the Spank Me's some time ago, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Moose. He was my first major interview, after all. This news is not good for the Evil Empire.

- Nice piece by Jerry Crasnick over at in regards to some of the better batter vs. hitter face offs. Yes I'm heavy on the baseball today. Get over it. It's spring and this girls fancy definitely turns to thoughts of trips to Camden Yards and staring at B-Rob's butt from left field.

- As you will quickly find, I heart Duke. I especially heart Duke Basketball. Hence, my celebration in Harvard's new pick for head coach. Go get 'em Tommy.

- Due to my long time love of the true football (played from the age of 7 through college), news of what's going on across the pond (Go Man U!) will show up here on occasion. Looks like some Roma fans will be facing the music for their hooligan ways.

- Finally, the British boys will be facing off in Wembly against Brazil to kick off, if you'll pardon the pun, their Euro 2008 campaign. If only I lived somewhere enlightened enough to get BBC on my telly.

That's it for now. As promised, more is forthcoming including my first post explaining all of the sudden changes. Really, it's for the best.


ChiliLady said...

Hey. your blog is very interesting! can we link our blogs? please write back in my blog "everyday glamour" ( theres a shoutbox)
This would be nice!

agategoddess said...

We sure can! I'm still updating so I'll add you as soon as I can but by all means, feel free to add me to your blogroll :)