Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quick hits

Time is limited today with super busy type things going on at work. And needing to get my taxes done. I'm nothing if not a master procrastinator.

- I've loved soccer for a long time. But Becks makes me love it even more. grrr. (Perezhilton.com)

- Not good news for the Cubs. Poor Lou, things just keep getting worse for the Bad News Bears. Sure they won but without Soriano, their season could be in trouble.

- The buzz is starting about the NBA draft and I'm not happy to see McRoberts' name on the list. He needs to keep his butt in Durham for another year before he starts mixing it up with Kobe and LeBron.

- Laughing over the conversation at Yanksfan vs. Soxfan. Isn't it enough their teams have been able to buy championships and they're constantly picked at the top of the AL East? Guess not, now they whine when ESPN's power rankings drop them from first to *gasp* second. Boo-hoo. Ask the O's fans how they feel about it then get back to me.

- Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing and since my team isn't in it this year, again, I'm rooting for these guys. My own season ended around the end of October when like the klutz I am, I fell down the band bus steps and badly sprained my ankle. Duh. It's a wonder I can even stand on my skates.

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