Friday, June 08, 2007

Just enough to make me laugh so hard I cried


Oh.My.God. I never laughed so hard before my first cup of coffee before in my life. It truly makes my Oriole's loving heart a little happier to see both the Sox and the Yankees reaching for the panic button at this point in the season.

Then again, when you're an O's fan, you don't need to reach for the panic button because you know that after the All-Star Break, your team will suddenly forget how to play baseball and blow it all anyway.

I'm off to Charm City this weekend to cross my fingers and pray at the alter of Camden tonight then partake in Hon Fest tomorrow.

While I'm at it I might as well just sit down at a table full of steamed crabs with a tin of Old Bay by my side. And beer. Lots of beer.

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