Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A new pair of shoes just makes it all better

This morning, by the time I had been at work for 60 minutes, I was yelled at by an upset customer, hung up on by a funeral home and had to do a total redesign of the PM page because another funeral home sent in a late obituary.

It was not a good start to my day.

The rest of my day pretty much went down hill from there. The phone rang off the hook. I was called to the front counter so many times I couldn't get caught up on the list of things that needed to be done. The number of weird conversations I had today was example was the poor older man who called me looking for an obituary and 20 minutes later we finally figured out that what he wanted wasn't an obituary at all. Sigh. At one point, hand to God, I asked Sharon to come around the corner and beat me sensless with my mini Hall of Fame baseball bat so I could get through the rest of the day.

Then I found out about the emails. Back at the beginning of July we lost a coworker to "lay-off". She was the one who put together the tab for the engagements, weddings and know, the stuff I now do (along with the others in my department) along with my regular daily duties. Well, apparently former coworker isn't taking her unemployment well. According to one of my team mates, she sent emails to our boss detailing everything that we've done wrong since we took over! That. Takes. Cajones. I was floored when the other two members of the team told me about it. I understand she's upset about the lay off, heck, I would be too but come on...let's act like an adult here.

After the news about the emails I was so angry I needed to NOT do anything related to that part of my job for awhile, so I did a few small things and played around on the internet for my last 15 minutes. One of my favorite new shopping websites is Piper Lime. It's a shoe addicts dream, any size, shape, color, designer you can think of all in one convenient spot. And where I found these little lovelies in black.

Nothing brings the blood pressure down a few points more than a hot new pair of shoes.

Since I was so angry and not thinking straight when I left work, I missed stopping at the gym as planned, which bums me out because I've been on quite a roll lately (5K's coming up in October!). I'll probably wait until a little later when the sun gets a little lower in the sky and head out for a run around the neighborhood. A good run usually helps me to chill out. Funny isn't it though that the otherday I wrote about how happy I was...and then I have a majorly crap day.


I'm going to go look at my new shoes again...and daydream a little about a trip to St. Louis...

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