Monday, January 07, 2008

KOP on $15 and 3/4 of a tank of gas

New Years Eve when I stopped by Chad and Jen's an old friend of ours from college was there. Heather, or Barker as we called her back then, was in for the festivities with her husband Sid. As I was dropping off my contribution to the party, she extended an invite I couldn't resist.

"You should come out this weekend! My friends are in this great 80s cover band. Mostly hair band stuff..."

"Sure, sounds like fun. I'll message you later in the week."

She snapped my picture, I said my good byes and ran back to the car where JP and Kel were waiting for me.

I had forgotten about the conversation until Wednesday, when The Guy told me he needed time and space. Yeah. We all know what that means. I've reassured him that he should take his time, figure things out then get back to me if and when he's ready. Seriously, what else would I say? But I'm getting off track. Between that and decision my co-director and I made to cancel the rest of our indoor season, I needed a night out.

And a night out with Heather, well, that's always a good time.

So Saturday night I hit the turnpike with as much gas as I could afford (the bank account is very low pending my paycheck this week) and the remainder in my wallet. All $15 of it. Yeah, that's right, $15 freaking dollars...which also had to cover my turnpike tolls. There was definitely some creative drinking going on and a round or two now owed to Heather and her friend Kat. Showing the girls helped a little too. Ahem. And the pole dancing, I'm sure that helped the situation too.

We laughed, we sang, we danced and had a freaking hellacool time.

Sunday we slept in, watched a little football then Heather, Sid and I had lunch before I made the hour 30 minute drive home. As I was leaving Heather asked if I had a good time and when I hugged her goodbye I told her it was "definitely what I needed."

And yeah, it was. Last week was a complete roller coaster of emotions from New Years Eve (Hot Musician kissed me three times) to the pausing of things with The Guy to Saturday night's dance-drink-a-thon, the trip to KOP (King of Prussia) was soooo worth it.

So, so, so worth it.

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