Friday, March 21, 2008

Time, she is most definitely not on my side

I've been trying to post something for the last couple of days but just haven't been able to find the time or the words. Me? Speechless? Shocking I know. There's a lot swirling around in my noggin right now and I'm just not sure where to begin.

So for now, I'll just say that St. Patrick's was super dooper fun, I got way more drunk than a 32 year old "adult" should by 11 a.m., slept it off, then drank more that night. All in all a good day spent saluting the patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

Things with PNS are...progressing. We're going out just the two of us next Friday and talking a lot. Like every day. So I'm taking a step back. I know, I know. It's just that I need to back up a minute or five and REALLY see what's going on. PNS is absolutely wonderful and we do share a lot in common but...well, see the previous post about him for my reservations. He started talking about this summer and going on road trips last night and wow. It's easy for a girl to get caught up in that kind of thing. But I'm trying not to. So I keep telling myself to just wait and see what happens next Friday.

And in the mean time I'm going out with some friends tonight for dinner and basketball.

And I'll try not to think about PNS too much.

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