Monday, August 08, 2011

Blood and bitchiness

As a rule, I try not to talk about work too much on here. I've been at my most recent position for about a year and a half now and on most days, I do like it. A majority of the people I work with are awesome and I leave no stressed than I was when I walked in.

Then there are days like today. What I like to refer to as Days From Hell. Short-handed, crazy customer filled, high blood pressure days.

I was so angry after an exchange with a particularly cranky customer who (heaven forbid) had to wait 8 whole minutes to place her order (as opposed to the 15-17 minutes we had earlier in the day). She further lost her cool when I did not kiss her butt enough to her liking and apologize profusely for her wait. If I could have, I would have reached through the phone and punched in her face. I had spent all day dealing with people who had to wait, just like her, and were not even half as nasty. My call count at the end of the day? Around 170...give or take 5 or 10. And that horrible, nasty, terrible, I hope she falls down a well, person was the last one I spoke to.

Of course, I stewed over it all the way home. Is it any wonder my blood pressure was as high as it was when I went to give blood?

It was as I was laying there on the table, needle in, making my fist that I finally calmed down. Looking at the ceiling, I realized that in the end that horrible woman didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. What mattered was what I was doing at just that moment. Giving so that someone else might be saved another day.

And with any luck, the horrible woman in Arizona won't be able to use an ounce of it.

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