Monday, January 26, 2004

So here's my story from yesterday. I had the main front page today. My first! Unfortunately my own newspaper at home didn't get delivered to me so I had to wait until I got into work at 4 this afternoon to find out. I was pretty excited nonetheless (I love that word).

It was so weird not to go to the old job. I kept thinking I was only home because of the snow and tomorrow I'll have to drag my butt out of bed at 5 a.m., like always, to be there on time. But nope, it's the real deal. I have decided to try and get myself on a schedule of not sleeping too late. My alarm went off the first time at 8 a.m. this morning. I hit the snooze a few times and finally dragged myself out of bed around 8:30. Room mate Marti was home today too as all of the school districts in the county were closed. We had a nice conversation about stuff that was going on. She gave me the scoop as to why she acted like she did. Turns out the house she had her heart set on seeing Friday night had been put under contract that morning. She was very upset about it, and rightly so. That on top of a few other issues just sent her over the edge. I told her it happens. She just needs to tell me when she's upset and not just go balistic on me like that. We talked about a few other things going on then she went sledding with our friend Colleen and watched movies at Colleen's all afternoon.

Bob never did come over. His home owners insurance thing took too long. We did talk on the phone though. He had me call Red Lobster to inquire about my application. Turns out they actually lost it. Lol, only that would happen to me. I talked to one of the managers and I'm going in for an interview and reapplication tomorrow. All this for a freaking part time 20 hour job a week. At this point I'm not going to be all that bummed if they don't hire me. I can always apply elsewhere. I just need the dinero to fill in the cracks and save for Ireland next year. Unless I win the Powerball. Then I'm taking off for the Emerald Isle on a one way ticket and it will be adios suckers!

Tomorrow promises to be more of the same. I'll probably get up make some more calls on obit stories then do some cleaning and cooking. The cold weather we're having really puts me in the mood. To cook that is. Well, it puts me in that other mood too but that's a topic for the other blog. Today I made some spicey chicken chili. I found an excellent and very adaptable recipe in a vegetarian cookbook several years ago. I've been modifying it and remaking constantly ove the past couple of years. It uses almost all fresh ingrediants and relly fits well into the diet changes I'm making. Since I like spicey food (made my lips tingle...get your minds out of the gutter you sickos) I like to experiment with different kinds of chili peppers and hot sauces. Today's batch was perfect.

I haven't talked about my parents in a long time. Constant readers of this blog are by now well aware of the drama of my parents that has been dragging on for the past 5 years. For those of you who are new, here's a brief synopisis: My dad had an affair 5 years ago. He confessed, went through some weird mid-life crisis episode, moved out, then back, then out, then back and finally out again. In the last year he has started to come back to his old self and from what I understand will be moving back in over the next week or so. My only comment on this whole episode is that 1) My mom is a much more forgiving person than I am 2) Trust is a hard thing to gain back, my dad and I had a very close relationship before this whole thing started. It hasn't been the same since. I doubt we'll ever go back to being as close as we were before.

Now does this explain some of my commitmentphobia?

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