Thursday, January 29, 2004

So I know it wasn't Lyzz that was messing around with the birthday alarms. We spoke this morning and she assured me it wasn't her. I believe her. So she'll be getting an apple pie for her birthday next week. The baking is something I like to do so it's no big deal, besides, I enjoy doing things for my friends.

Finally got to see Lord of the Rings today. It was good, don't get me wrong, I just was a little dissappointed at the ending. No biggie though. It was worth the $6 to get into a matinee. What a rip. $6 freaking dollars for an afternoon movie. No wonder no one goes out to the movies anymore. The only thing that would get me back there would be a movie that is all Colin Farrell, all the time. Whoo boy...I need a moment....O.k. I'm over it. No I'm not. Yes I am.

Found out my darling baby sister (she's 20) was on the verge of running off to a JP this week before her fiance went back to Camp Lejune. He's shipping out for Iraq (in the Marines) in a few weeks and won't be back for six months. I don't know what freaked me out more, the fact that she actually considered doing it or that she would be married before me. Part of it is the second thing. O.k., it's a big part of it. Whatever.

Today Bob and I discussed me moving in with him. I didn't want to presume so I never really brought it up, he did at lunch. Tomorrow is his settlement on the house. He's very excited and so am I, for him. He's not moving in for another week or so because he wants to get some painting and other things done around the house. I won't be moving in until Room Mate Marti finds a house of her own, which at the rate she's going won't be until summer. Poor girl. She's having such a hard time. At least she got rid of her crappy realtor. The guy she's with now is excellent so maybe she'll be ready to go by March or April. That will at least give Bob a few months to have the house to himself. I was told I can paint the room whatever color I want, within reason. Can you say light yellow?

Diet and exercise wise I have started getting back on track again. Last week I kind of took the time off to deal with leaving the old job and some other personal things. Yesterday I went to the gym at the apartment complex and ticked off 1-3/4mi on the treadmill. Today I didn't make it since I overslept and was in the movie all afternoon before I came into work. Tomorrow I plan on doing more running and a little lifting. Food wise I'm getting there. My big goals for February are to work in more veggies and fruit during my day (very bad with this) and cut back on those carbs. I didn't say cut out. But cut back. Sorry kids, no matter what South Beach (which Room Mate Marti is doing right now) or any other diet plan says you still need 'em. Just in MODERATION. Say it with me now...M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N.

Shucks, I knew you could.

Check out this bit on The Donut about baths. Last night I took a bath after dinner. Talk about relaxing. There was no one else in the apartment. I lit some candles, dumped in some Bath & Body Works bubble bath, turned on my Sarah McLachlan CD and just veged out. Ahhhh. So nice.

And in honor of our impending Monty Python marathon, I leave you with this...

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