Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I had all kinds of plans to get things done today. Notice use of the word had. Instead I'm coming down with some kind of cold that is just bad enough to make my life miserable but not bad enough to put me in bed, under the covers with my favorite book and a hot cup of tea. It started to hit me yesterday. I took some Thera-Flu before bed last night hoping that would halt whatever this is in its tracks. It didn't. So I'm trudging through as much as I can. I started my next obit story today. I'm going to go finally buy paint for my room and I'll hit the grocery store later. I hate being sick. Especially this kind of sick. Sigh. On the bright side I usually lose my appetite when I'm this sick so there's the offhand chance I may drop a pound or two. See, on some level there is a bright side to each dark cloud. Or something like that.

All I want is to be in my favorite pair of comfy jammies in my bed right now with the blinds drawn.

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