Thursday, February 19, 2004

Feeling a little better today. Still a little stuffy but not as bad as before. God bless the makers of Thera Flu and Zicam.

Almost finished at the house. My room is the last one that needed to be painted and with the exception of some edging and some trim we're there. I can't wait to move in. It's always exciting to me to be in a new place. That first night I'm in the house I doubt I'll get much sleep. Once I'm settled in I'll be as used to that place as I was to the apartment I'm in now or my first apartment many moons ago.

This morning I was watching a show on Discovery. It was called The Legacy of the Roman Empire and focused on an archaeological site in Scotland, not too far from Hadrian's Wall (exact location is escaping me right now) where letters from the first century A.D. were found. While the show itself intrigued me, there was something else about the site that got the old noggin moving. During the last portion of the show, the head archaeologist mentioned the site is still being run today by volunteers who spend there day knee deep in a bog looking for artifacts. How cool would that be?! I honestly entertained thoughts of scrounging up enough money to go there and spend the rest of my days digging in Scotland. A wonderful fantasy of nights at the local pub and days at the dig started filling brain.

Then reality set in. How would I pay my bills? Where would I live? How would I get along in a country where I didn't know a single blessed soul? Sigh. So much for dreaming your life away. Someday though, I will live in that part of the world. Mark my words, whether it's alone or with someone else I will leave this area and live somewhere either in the U.K. or Ireland.

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