Sunday, February 15, 2004

Tonight is going to be an early night for me. I'm beat from my two hockey games (which we lost I might add) and work today. At this morninings game I got injured, nothing serious but I've got a nice big purple and green bruise on my right arm. A girl from the other team and I were both going after the puck at the same time and she got my arm with her stick. It happened in the first period but didn't really start to hurt until the end of the third. Tomorrow it should be a nice shade of yellow and green. Woo-hoo. As we used to say in soccer, no blood no foul.

I'll have two stories in tomorrow's edition again. Since I got my obit story finished early I was around to help out today when we had a whole bunch of breaking news happen. Sunday's are weird like that. Some weeks I'm in here and there is nothing going on, then there are days like today where all hell breaks loose. Tom and Michelle worked on the bigger stuff (two fatal car accidents and a fatal fire) while I did a follow up on a fire from Friday. I love that I get to do that kind of thing, write real newsy stories. At one point I thought I wanted to do sports full-time but the more I do the general assignment stories the more I like working news side. Somone made a comment to me about being the next Katie Couric, lol, yeah right. There's no way this face would make it to television.

I think Dr. Dean's days as a viable candidate for the democratice party in November are numbered. The last five are debating tonight in Wisconsin. I'll be sorry to see him go. Howard Dean had some good ideas that should still be carried forward by whomever gets the nod to take on Dubya in November. I wish I could say I knew where he lost his momentum or how. All I know is Iowa and New Hampshire started things off and it went downhill from there. The primary here in Pennsylvania occurs in April. I'll still vote, I always do.

Talk about going out with a bang. Gotta love those crazy Brits.

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