Thursday, March 25, 2004

I have this bad habit of acting before thinking. I also have a bad habit of inferring the wrong thing from someone's offhand comment and jumping off the deep end about it. Sigh. Guess former Room Mate Marti's birthday book was wright. I am thin skinned and reactive. Yesterday I zipped off an email to a friend (at least I think we're still friends) about something he said as he was walking out the door at work. It wasn't exactly mean, the email that is, just me jumping to conclusions. *Big Sigh*. I wish I didn't do things like that. Especially with this friend. I miss our email conversations. Heck, I just miss our conversations. Maybe we'll get back to that point again. As long as I stop being so damn thin skinned.

My Dukies are rolling along in the tournament! Woo-hoo! Tomorrow they play Illinois. Thank god I got scheduled to work at the Lobster during the day. I can sit back with some beer and watch some good hoops. Nice way to spend a Friday, huh? Lol, god my life is so boring.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting a run in. Yesterday's run reminded me of how good I feel after a good 30 minutes on the road. With the weather getting warmer I'm going to want to be outside more anyway so my run should give me some much needed sunshine time. Too bad I can't get to my favorite spot tomorrow too. Maybe Saturday if I get cut from work early I'll go for a little bit. When we get into the spring and summer months I love to just go there and either sit in the sunshine with a book or lie on a blanket and enjoy the day. Ahhhh, so nice.

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