Wednesday, March 10, 2004

St. Patrick's day is fast approaching. One more week until the best holiday of the year. I have always loved celebrating St. Pat's. Being as my mom's side of the family is of Irish descent, we've always made it a big deal. Saturday I'll sit at my friends Brad and Loni's house and watch the local parade. Next Wednesday assuming I don't have to work at the Lobster I'll go out for some Guiness. Too bad I can't get any Smithwick's around here. I discovered Smithwick's when I was in Ireland last year (sob, I want to go back). A very wonderful ale, it's dark but not too dark and goes down oh so smoothly. It's only in limited distribution in the States. One of my coworkers at job #1 has promised me a case the next time one of his contacts comes for a visit from Viriginia (one of the few places they sell it is right down the block from coworker's friend). I'm all excited just thinking about it!

I'm down to being 85% into the house. Bob and I took a large load of stuff from the apartment today so now with the exception of a few large pieces of furniture and some kitchen stuff, I'm gone. Good thing too. I was ready to get out of the apartment. Living with my former room mate in a confined space for the past four years was not exactly a good thing. It wasn't bad, but not good either. We were ready to part ways. The timing just happned to be right. Imagine that, for once in my life the timing on something was good! But anyway, I'm excited to get everything finished at the house. Curtains still need to be hung and a carpet needs to be bought for my room and the living room. This summer we're going to try and have an open house. Yesterday our new next door neighbor, Jane, stopped by. As it turns out she is also the president of the neighborhood association. We had a nice conversation with her and managed to get the scoop on everyone in the neighborhood to boot. Sounds like we'll be living in a pretty cool part of town.

This website cracked me up. Lyzz passed on to me tonight via The Onion. Gotta love the sense of humor over there at the Onion.

God I loved this show way back in the day...

Sometimes, you wonder why you couldn't just be
Canadian. Some people say you are weird. You
have an interesting sense of humor and a
meaningless life. But, you're nearly Canadian,
so did you expect better?

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