Monday, March 15, 2004

This little posting on MSN ticks me off. First of all, they assume that all women hate March Madness or even know what it is. Ha! You've got to be kidding me. Anyone, male or female, who does not know a thing about March Madness must be living in a cave in Afghanistan. Secondly it assumes we ladies would rather be shopping or making the month more pleasant for our men than actually getting into the joy of the greatest month in sports. Ugghhh. Very frustrating that they are perpetuating such a stereotype. Maybe I'm the exception to the rule but I know a lot of women like myself that would rather be parked in front of the television watching as much basketball as possible than at work. Or shopping...unless there was a really large sale at Target, but I digress. I'm filling out my brackets right now in fact. I'm trying not to let my ACC bias rule my choices but it's hard. As usual I'm picking a few upsets in the first round just to mix things up a little bit. There's always one or two teams labeled as Cinderella after the first couple of days. Usually things settle down then and the better teams battle it out to the bitter end. God I love this stuff!

Bob's dog has moved into the house. This morning at 2 a.m. when Bob left for work Oscar (the dog) started whining and barking as soon as he walked out the door. Sigh. I had to yell at him once or twice before he finally came upstairs, settled on the floor in my room and went to sleep. I completely forgot what it was like to live with a dog in the house. He paces the floor at night and when I got up this morning wanted to go outside and play with his tennis ball. Needless to say I was not in the mood for it. I opened the door, threw the ball once and came back inside.

Tomorrow we're supposed to get snow and freezing rain tomorrow. Thank god we're south of the PA Turnpike or else we'd be in it for 3-6". Shudder. I'm not ready to go back to that kind of weather. I was just getting used to the idea of temperatures in the 60s and opening the windows all day but nooooo, this is Pennsylvania and we have to have goofy ass weather. Some days I hate this state. It's definitely time for me to move out of here. On the upside, crappy weather tomorrow, even just a hint of snow, will keep people away from the Lobster and I should have an easy night tomorrow. Might not make a lot of money tip wise but things should go easy. I'm also planning on finishing up at the apartment during the day while the old room mate is at work. I just need to clean the bathroom down really well, take nails out of the walls and refill the holes with putty. Should only take me an hour or so. No big deal. If I get done early I'm going to drop by Sparky and Clark's (a local coffee shop) for a treat for myself. Oh, and I need to pick up tickets for the Violent Femmes.

I had some interesting news today about a story I did for today's paper. The gentleman I wrote about called to tell me he thought I did a great job (nothing like a good pat on the back) and to find out if a newspaper in South Carolina could run the story there. After I talked to my editor he called the newspaper, The Advertiser-Herald, and it looks like they'll be running it with my byline! How cool is that?! I've never had that happen before and for someone just trying to get somewhere in this crazy biz, it sure does make me feel good.

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