Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tonight I sleep with my door completely closed. Ever since Room Mate Bob brought his dog Oscar over to the house I have been sleeping with my door slightly ajar so that Oscar can settle himself on my bedroom floor if he wants. No biggie. I like dogs. Always have. Always will. However, after last two nights, my door is being soundly latched. Bob leaves for work at his job at the tv station around 2 a.m. usually Oscar just stays in Bob's room and that's that. For the past two nights that dog has been pacing back and forth between our rooms and up and down the steps. We have hardwood floors. The sounds of his nails tapping on the floor drives me nuts! Ugh! So tonight, the door goes shut. All the way. Slam-o.

It's amazing how much milk and milk products are used in everyday foods. I've been trying my best to avoid the stuff as much as possible, plan out when I'm going to eat it but it just isn't working. Sigh. It wasn't easy getting through the first part of my day without coffee too. I remember how tough this was from the last time and trust me, it sucks! I just have to remember how freaking painful the whole situation is and suck it up. Speaking of, I need to get back into running again. I keep saying I'm going to do it and I don't. I don't know if I'll be ready for the 5k in the next couple of weeks. I'm still going to do it though. Can't hurt to try, right? Nobody every died from trying. O.k., maybe they did but I'm trying to be optimistic here.

Since it's been so long, a little something from Quizilla:

Elinor Dashwood--The 'sense' half of Sense and
Sensibility--always practical, seldom swayed by

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