Monday, May 24, 2004

What a long weekend. Ugh. I guess you're all wondering how the wedding went, huh? Well even if you aren't I'm going to tell you. The actual ceremony was very nice. Very emotional too. My godmother, Aunt Julie as I grew up calling her, died a few years ago because of cancer. She was only 49 or 50. Her presence was very strong Saturday. We all talked about her and how she should have been there. I was probably one of the few people to not shed any tears though. As much as I miss Aunt Julie everything happens for a reason. No matter how tragic. Or surprising.

As far as I know the reception went off with little controversy. I still put up my new kitten heeled sandals, drank some (o.k. 4 or 5) Capt. & Coke's and watched to fun unfold. Thank god for good timing as I was just walking out the door to take my sister home when they started calling for all the single ladies to come to the dance floor. Dodged that bullet. I was supposed to meet up with some old friends from job #1 that were in town but when I got to Leslie's house I sat down on the couch and passed out. Sigh. I never get to see those guys anymore and I blew my one opportunity. I suck.

Yesterday was a day of work. The Lobster hasn't been busy so I got sent home early. Not a good way to make money. I wasn't feeling well anyway (gee I wonder why?) so I didn't spend that much time at job #1 either. Just went in, did my story, started another one and got out of there.

French Open started today. Usually I'm not a big fan of tennis but I'll watch this. Especially since the big guys are getting knocked out already. Makes me want to hit the nearest tennis court and do my best Serena Williams impression.

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