Sunday, June 27, 2004

Guh. I am soooo hungover today. When will I learn I can NOT drink like I did when I was 20? Last night after I got home from the game I met up with Deb and Sasha (her new boyfriend, who is really awesome I might add), the room mate, Brent and the former room mate at Olive Garden. By the time I had gotten there they had already gone through a pitcher of peach flavored sangria. Bastards didn't even leave me any. But again, I digress. After I finished eating it was pretty late so we all trooped back to the house to just hang out and drink.

Sure. That was at 10:30 p.m. At 5:30 a.m. I was just crawling my sorrowful self into bed. Ugh. We almost finished off an entire case of Yuengling and Miller Lite. How? Playing a**hole. Yeah, remember that game from college? Kicked my butt then, still kicks it now. Doesn't help when the people you're playing with keep changing the GD Rules! Sigh. I did manage to attain president for two rounds but by that point everyone was so shnockered we were ready to bring the carnage to an end. So we played the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivia Pursuit. That lasted a grand total of 45 minutes ( I think. This is where things start to get hazy.). Eventually Deb and Sasha, the former room mate and Lyzz who had stopped by after work, all went home. I have no idea what time that was. Maybe around 2:30ish?

By this time our friend Krysee was on her way over with more beer. So we drank some more, played Remote Possibilities and had a grand old time. Until I noticed it was almost 5 freaking a.m. and the sun was starting to just lighten the sky. That was my cue to head to the house I'm staying at this week and try my darndest to get some sleep before work. I did manage to get about 4-1/2 hours in but let me tell you, this girl does not function on anything less than 6 anymore. I did eat a nice greasy McDonalds breakfast (very bad, will definitely need to run tomorrow) which helped the hangover a little bit. Otherwise I'm still nursing a serious headache. Guh.

Someday I'll learn...god only knows when, but I will. I think.

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