Thursday, June 24, 2004

Shaving plus sunburn equals serious pain. After putting it off for the last couple of days I finally broke down and took razor to legs this morning. I'm sure people in my old neighborhood heard me yelling. Still, I managed to spend some time in the sunshine today. It was too nice to stay inside. Of course, I was covered from head to toe in SPF 30. I wasn't taking any chances.

Brent (that's him in the front row on the far left) arrives tomorrow night! He's coming from a visit to the Big Apple direct to the Lobster as both the room mate and I are working tomorrow night. I'm hoping we won't be that busy so that I get sent home early or even better, I food run which would put me out around 9ish. Either way I can't wait to see him. Its a good thing I have off Saturday because I doubt much sleeping will be done. There is a lot to catch up on.

Did I mention I'm loving the fact that I have a nice big house all to myself? It has given me a lot of time to think, write in my real journal and just try to relax. Heck, I even got some reading accomplished. Last week I went to our local library and picked out some light fluffy summer books. I'm loving "It's My F---ing Birthday" by Merrill Markoe. The writing is funny yet manages to hit a nerve, especially with us single girls. Sure it isn't any Tolstoy but it's a great read and a nice way to get myself relaxed.

I'd love to have Franz Ferdinand's CD. The more I hear it the more I like it. Tonight I finally snuck back onto Virgin Radio at job #1 and my god it was like a breath of fresh air. The music is so much better than any US station I've heard. Sigh. If only I could get it on my Walkman. I have also decided that in my lifetime (preferably in the next couple of years) I must get to the V-Festival in England. It just looks like too good of a party to miss.

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