Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I apologize for the lack of posting this week. At the house I'm watching over I'm having issues accessing their internet. Mainly in the form of they only have dial-up and this girl is waaaayyyy too spoiled by DSL to go back. It's also hard to update at work. My coworkers at job #1 sit way too close for me to pull up the old blog and start typing away. The only time I can really get into it is when I'm working Sundays and there are only, like 5 of us here or they've left. Tonight I got lucky and everyone that was sitting around me left early.

Huh. I know I took a shower today. Put on deodorant. Even used a little perfume (Tommy Girl).

Oh well. Stress is making me revert back to old habits. Last night I picked up a pack of cigs on the way home from hockey. I know, I know. How could I?! I honestly haven't touched a ciggy in almost five years. Back in college I was a "drunk smoker". You know, the ones that only smoke when they've consumed one too many red 16oz cups of Coors Light? Yeah. That was me. After college it became a stress thing. Better that than food, right? Wrong. I just have so much on my mind right now I needed an outlet. It was too late to go for a run and I had already downed three blender drinks (pina coladas and blod clots) after hockey, so on an impulse I stopped for a pack of Marlboro Light's at Rutters. That pack will probably last me a good week or two. Then I'll quit. For good. I promise.

So far I've been informed of two major summer fiestas in the upcoming months. My good buddy Chad and his wife Jen are having a throwdown in the beginning of August and rumors are swirling about the annual shin-dig at one of my boss' home occuring sometime in July. Good times folks, good times.

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