Monday, June 21, 2004

For those of you in suspense over whether I got the shoes or not, and you know you were, I did. On an impulse I stopped by the tent sale on my way home from the Lobster. Walked right up to the pile with my size (7-1/2) and there they were. Just like the lovelies pictured below. Sure I blew all of my tip money from that day but it was worth it. Any pair of shoes is worth it.

This week I'm house sitting for some friends of my parents. Actually, they're kind of like another set of parents. Uncle Ron, Aunt Shelby and their kids Meghan and Ryan took off on a two week cruise around England, Ireland and Scotland. It's perfect on many levels. For them, it's two weeks of family time before Ryan graduates and gets commissioned in the Air Force. For me it's like a mini-vacation. I have the house all to myself, only need to keep my eye on their two cats Chloe and Troubles while I'm there. Really, how hard is it to keep an eye on cats? You feed them, you let them out and in every now and then and that's about it. Today I sat on their spacious deck and enjoyed the gorgeous day we were having. It was perfect, I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time. Only problem was I didn't put on the SPF and ended up with a nice red tinge to my skin. Sigh. The plight of the pasty pale Northeasterner.

Brent is coming for a visit at the end of the week. I can't wait! I must work Friday night but we'll have plenty of time for hanging out while he's here. Hopefully we can persuade him to stay in York for more than the weekend. To top it off my friend Deb is coming back with her new boyfriend in tow. This is going to be one banging weekend. I can just feel it!

On a different note, as I was looking for this website tonight I found this one instead. Can someone please tell me why anyone would want to purchase something like this? For the love of god, I thought I saw it all then I saw The Smitten. Lol. that I think about it, it really wouldn't make a bad Christmas gift...

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