Thursday, July 15, 2004

Believe it or not I actually got a nibble from two of my resumes already! I'm so excited I don't know what to think. On one hand I'm super excited at the prospect of having a full time job and regular income again. On the other, well, I don't want to leave my friends! That's the best part of my jobs. I've made some great friends at both places and I'll miss them terribly. Granted, it isn't like I'm leaving the area if I get either of the jobs but I know how that is. You promise to keep in touch. To call or go out for beers or dinner every now and then but it never really happens. Sigh. Guess you just have to sacrifice sometimes to move things forward.
Speaking of moving forward, my mother and sister left for North Carolina this morning. My darling (feel the sarcasm people) little sister is hell bent on getting an apartment around Camp Lejune when her hubby gets home from his deployment so that is what they are doing for the next two days. Thank god I dodged that bullet. Someone had to stay home and take care of the dog, right? Not that I don't love my mother and sister it's just that spending two days of my life looking at apartments with either one of them (I'm convinced they share a brain sometimes) just does not appeal to me. I hope they find something. It's all my sister has been talking about for the last three months.
It was confirmed today that my favorite beer is now being served a very local establishment. Your darn skippy I'll be there celebrating if I get either of those jobs.
Lots of summer shin-digs are going on. Last night was Meatfest, this Saturday is the Parker Tikifest and in two weeks the open house shin-dig at Chad & Jen's.
I love summer parties. Outside with the stars smiling down on us, enjoying other people's company. Ahhhh, nothing better.
O.k., well there is you sickos but I wasn't going to go down that road.
Just testing something, would someone please try and email me using this hyperlink? Sorry, I'm too poor to try and entice you with gifts or rewards but just know you'll have my eternal gratitude. Or my five minutes of thanks.


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