Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So I finally got the resume finished today. That was after I woke up, got ready for work at the Lobster (heck, I even had makeup on this morning) then realized I didn't have to work today. At all. Not even at job #1. Sigh. So instead I ran over to my parent's house to use their computer as it has Word 2000 (unlike the one I'm typing on now). Everything was going honkey dory bingo until I went to print the damn thing out. They were out of ink. Soooo, i hopped into the car, dashed to Office Max for resume paper and ink, dashed back home and finally finished up. After I had lunch with mom I drove across town to apply for at least one of the jobs I want. Fingers are crossed. God I need something full time. Badly.

This Saturday is the famous (or should I say infamous) Parker Tiki Hut Party. I so can not wait. I'll have to do a guest appearance early then ditch out for my scrimmage then come back later. Trust me the party will still be going strong no mater how late I arrive. Just need to find a good Hawaiian type shirt...

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