Monday, July 12, 2004

Did you know that if you type "frustration" into Google images you get about 15 pages worth of pictures? Well yeah, you do. Right now my face should be the first thing that pops up. I've been trying to update my resume for the last two days and have not been able to for various reasons ranging from the POS computer I may be on to lack of time. Sigh. I wanted so bad to get my resume out the door in application for several jobs I want, but of course not. Nope. My life just doesn't work like that.


As so often happens when I'm upset or frustrated I overate today. Despite the fact that I ran a PR of 9:16 split on the 5k course at Rudy Park this morning. Couldn't leave well enough alone though, had to accept my mother's invitation to dinner tonight. Who can't turn down chicken with gravy and waffles?! Sigh. I still feel super full and it's been over 4 hours since I ate. Blah. I'm never going to lose weight at this rate. I think drastic measures may be in order. Hmmmm...time to take maters into my own hands.

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