Sunday, July 25, 2004

I know I've said this about a million times but someday I will remember that I am not in college anymore and therefore can not drink like I am in college. Felt a little hungover this morning. Not too bad though. I managed to keep myself awake long enough last night to down a good bit of water and eat a little something so that when I woke up this morning I was only a little dehydrated. I've woken up in worse condition.

This week marks the kickoff of my getting back into a regular exercise schedule. I have about 20 very stubborn pounds that will not leave (little bastards) and I fully intend on losing those 20 pounds over the next couple of months. The plan is to start exercising more regularly. Once I'm on a schedule then I'll start concentrating more on my food intake. I've found in the past it's easier to deal with one thing at a time. So that's where I'm going to start. My motivation? My mirror. Everytime I look in the mirror I see the girl I was about 35 pounds ago. The girl who refused to believe she was unhealthy. Now I know differently.

 That girl has suddenly wised up and figured out that the only way she can make herself healthy and, god forbid, happy is to work on herself. Until she's happy with herself, she can't be happy with anyone else.



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