Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'm in a bit of a quandry right now. Today I heard from the place I interviewed at Friday. Not to give me any news, but to say that they just wanted to follow up with me and I was to call tomorrow. What?! If only I hadn't been in the freaking shower when the phone rang. That is so cruel to make me wait one whole day. Must have patience though. Whatever that is. The quandry stems from a phone call I received yesterday. As I was on my way to work at the Lobster, my old boss from the dreaded job I quit in January called me. She found out through the grapevine (thanks a lot Sandy!) I was looking for full time employment again and wanted to know if I would consider coming back. I almost laughed in her ear. She went on and on about how the position has changed, no one else can handle it like I did, blah, blah, blah. Can you throw a little more sunshine up my ass? Please? I told her I would think about. All depends on what kind of answer I get tomorrow. Only positive would be I could keep my job #1. If I get the answer I'm looking for I'll have to quit there. And it brings me to tears just thinking about it.
Today was a nice day. Had lunch with good friend Lyzz, her husband Brian and their wonderfully adorable son Brendan. He is such a great kid. We went to the Lobster so I could use my discount. After they left I hung around, had a beer and hung out with co-workers Jen and Laura until the room mate was ready to meet me for a trip to the grocery store. We spent way more than we should have (had to have my copy of the new In Style) but reasoned that since we only go once every 3-4 weeks it wasn't all that bad. I love how we can reason away spending over $100  for two people at the grocery store.
I think I may go out tonight. Depends on if my sister wants to join me or not. Ever since a co-worker of mine at job #1 told me they had Smithwick's locally, I've been jonsing for one. Hmmm, maybe I can talk my friend Chad into joining me instead. Better start making phone calls.

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