Saturday, July 31, 2004

Just got in from the Hardware Bar. A bunch of us girls from the Lobster went out after work tonight in our best hoochie wear (I was wearing a very low cut shirt with a very short skirt) to dance the night away and drink to our hearts content. Good times, good times. Ended up dancing on the bar at one point to Guns 'N Roses, Bon Jovi and yes to complete the trifecta that is the York bar experience, Sweet Home Alabama. Lol. People around here are such rednecks. We're in Pennsylvania folks! Helloooo!

Still, managed to have a very fun time. Even in three inch heels. Now there is a feat I'd like to see some guy handle. Dancing on a bar in three inch heels. Only the strong survive I tell ya! Lol. Whooo boy am I toasted. Did three shots on top of the three beers I had. Two of which I paid for on my own. The last was bought for me by a very nice man named Charlie who helped my girl Connie get hooked up with his friend Jeremy.

All in all a very good night. I needed it. It's nice to have a girls night out, wear hoochie clothes and get hit on by strange men every now and then.

Good times. Good times.

Lesson learned from tonight: Don't talk to co-workers if you are drunk. Had to walk back through job #1 to get to my car tonight (it's only a block from the bar) and had a long protracted converation with former boss and another friend about...well.. not much that I can remember right now. I'm sure they think I'm a drunken idiot when in reality, my tolerance is so low I'm just a cheap date.

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