Thursday, August 05, 2004

This morning I woke up at the intersection of Oh god I'm so hungover and why do I have a huge bruise on my ass? It wasn't a pretty part of town. I vaguely recall how I ended up there. Something to do with several beers and a shot called a Rocky Mountain Motherfucker. God do my friends know how to send me out with a bang. I do recall a very good time was had by all and really, who cares if you're crawling into bed at 5 a.m. as long as you had fun, right?

Tuesday night I cried the whole way home from work. I really blame Lyzz for it. After I sent my last page and gathered my things she walked with me out to the stairwell. That was when I lost it. Horribly. I'm talking outright sobbing as I got in my car, turned out of the parking lot and travelled the 10 minutes it took to get to the house. People must have thought I was nuts. Anyone who might have looked over at me at a red light would have seen this short blonde, wearing a tiara with mascara running down her face. Sigh. I'm such a sap.

So the money situation is going from bad to worse. My last rent check bounced. Big time. And I don't get my first paycheck from the new job until Aug. 25. Ouch. My poor room mate showed it to me today and asked what was going on. All I could do is tell him I just don't have any money. Really, that's what it boils down to.

Like my friend Kim said, I'm so poor I can't pay attention.

Once I start getting paid regularly from the new job I'm hoping to get this monster under control. You know what they say, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can get back to the top. So hello there Mr. Rock and Mr. Bottom, it's nice to meet you but don't be offended when I tell you I don't want to stay here too much longer.

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