Friday, September 09, 2005


I've refrained from talking about Katrina because, well, what can you say about a natural disaster that has wiped most of the Gulf Coast off of the map without sounding condescending? Unless you've ever been through something like that, and I haven't, I am under the distinct belief that there is no way to even describe or talk about it.

Don't get me wrong, like George over at Wanderlust I was glued to CNN/Headline News for the first couple of days, checking in with the latest news. And like those crazy kids over at Gox-Tapes who were concerned about the whereabouts of Uncle Lar', I held my breath a little bit until we heard from my cousin Jody and her family in Shreveport. While they didn't get nearly as much of the hurricane as the coast did, they still had some wind damage to their house and a loss of electricity. I cry everytime I see a story about the pets that were left behind or lost in the confusion of trying to evacuate.

By now though, I'm Katrina'd out. I did, however, click on this story over at the Telegraph, mainly because I was intrigued by what our cousins across the pond thought about what was going on here.

It's rather eye opening.

So now all eyes turn to Ophelia. As I was watching Headline News this morning, their weather guy didn't know what the hell to say about it other than the fact that Yep. It's a Hurricane. Little Sis may feel the effects of it what with being along the southern coast of North Carolina but I don't think it's going to be all that bad.

And as shocking as this may seem, other things were going on while we were all being pounded over the heads with Katrina coverage. French President Jacques Chirac was in the hospital. A memorial for those on Flight 93 was finally chosen.

And closer to home, the York Fair starts today. Because it's not fall around here withouth funnel cakes, mullet sightings and way too much country music.

Watch the moblog for a visual of this annual event in the next couple of days because some of this stuff you've got to see to believe.

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