Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Too much Cal Lovin'

Last night was the 10th Anniversary of Cal Ripkin breaking Lou Gherig's record for consecutive games. Room mate #1 and I went down to Camden Yards to take in the scenery and put his season tickets to good use.

We got there a little early so instead of wasting our hard earned dinero on the wares inside the stadium, we hit a new Irish pub that opened up at the Inner Harbor area called Tir Na Nog. Oh my god, if you ever get to the Baltimore Inner Harbor go there. I implore you. Go check this place out. Food = wonderful. Atmosphere = excellent. Guiness = perfect.

Definitely two thumbs up. And we didn't even get to get a gander at the dinner menu!

After downing our savory pies and Guiness (my Guiness) we made for the Stadium.

Considering Charm City's love affair with Cal, I was completely shocked by the number of empty seats through out the ballpark. Hell, I expected to have to stand in line to get in then fight my way along the concourse to the seats. Nope. Hardly a soul around. It was sad really because Cal's feat will probably never be duplicated. The opening ceremonies were nice but let me tell you, there was definitely an overdose of Cal lovin'.

Throughout the game the O's played snippets on the Jumbotron of interviews with coaches, players, etc. about where they were when he hit 2,131. It was cool in the first inning. All right in the third inning. Boarderline annoying by the sixth and down right irritating by the eighth.

"I don't know about you but I'm half sick of the Cal lovefest", Room mate #1 leaned over and said somewhere around the seventh inning stretch.

I nodded in agreement.

I love my Birds, but damn, a girl can only take so much!

Thank god for the drunks behind us providing some entertainment.

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