Monday, September 05, 2005


As his moniker suggests, Mr. Helpful was oh so helpful in pointing out my misunderstanding of the Presidential Prayer Team.

I stand corrected, however I do find it odd that the President would allow his name to be connected with such a group. Then again, he is from Texas...

This has to have been one of the laziest, do nothing but watch TV and random chores around the house, weekends I've had in a long time. After travelling to Shippensburg Friday night for a football game (I've been suckered into helping with my high school's band this year) and not getting home until 11:30 p.m., sleeping in Saturday was tops on my list. And I did. Until about 11 a.m.ish. God did it feel good. Truth be told, it was such a quiet day I don't remember much of what I did other than grilling some steak for myself and hitting the St. Joe's Yard Sale with former room mate.

This girl could get into the whole grilling scene. I don't know why it's considered a guy thing. Granted, it probably wasn't too smart of me to be messing with open flame after the burning incident of Wednesday (healing nicely, by the way). But still, it was worth it. My steak came out quite yummy. I added some Old Bay, a few dashes of tabasco sauce and some chili powder. Yummm.

Yesterday I did a good bit of cleaning. Rounded up the dust bunnies. Cleaned the bathroom. Traipesed to Lowe's for caulk to redo the bathtub. Nothing to strenuous. Lowe's was a freaking nightmare. I guess everyone and their brother decided today would be a good day for projects around the house because I have never seen that place so packed.

Today I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasts. Room mate #1 is still sleeping (he works at the tv station from 2 to 7 a.m.) and Room mate #2 is firmly planted in front of his Play Station down in the basement. Boys are so easily amused. There was some talk of a Monopoly Tournament tonight.

A nice way to ease into the week.

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