Monday, September 26, 2005

Holy obnoxious wagon jumpers Batman

A cool breezey, slightly overcast day. A palatable energy in the air. Orange and black every where. All signs of a good day at Camden Yards for the end of the baseball season.

Then the wave of red and blue crashed over everything.

Saturday was the last game of the the Birds' season I was able to attend. Room mate #1 and I arrived at the Inner Harbor area early for a late lunch/early dinner then meandered over to Eutaw Street to find our seats. As we approached I was beginning to think we made a wrong turn onto I-83 and had gone north instead of south.

Red Sox fans as far as the eye could see. Red and blue jersey's outnumbering the orange and black about 2 to 1. It was enough to make an O's fan reach for their B12.

The room mate's seats are in left field where we had the misfortune to practically be surrounded by members of Red Sox Nation. The drunk boys in the section to our right who I swear to god just stepped off the T in Southy. The man and his wife right in front of us who, while very nice and conversational, were slightly north of annoying whenever the BoSox did anything good. And then there was the lady in the Ramirez jersey who kept running down to the wall everytime he came out to the outfield. I told the room mate I was going to trip her the next time she ran by somewhere around the 7th inning.

No offense to THE Not-So Single Guy but I am of the impression that Red Sox fans are just about as obnoxious as Yank Me fans! Hey, I guess maybe a World Series win every 86 years gives you the right. I don't know.

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