Saturday, October 22, 2005

Because it's rainy and I want to

Today has been one of those rainy, cold South Central Pennsyltucky days that make me wish I lived somewhere warmer. It was rough getting out of bed this morning. Even though my head hit the pillow around 11 p.m. last night (how pathetic is that?) I still slept in until 12 today. God did that feel good.

Even with the crappy weather I ran around spending money I shouldn't. Some new clothes at Old Navy. A new comforter (bought for a steal I might add) from Target. Lunch at the Lobster. Even though I have nothing for contempt for my old managers at the Lobster I do still have a few good friends that work there so I stop in everynow and then for a visit. And chicken fajita soup. But I digress. Lucky for me Laura was working today. Originally I had planned on just sitting at home tonight, maybe watching Penn State kick the Illini's butts then go to bed. But Laura talked me out of it. Oh no, sitting at home on a Saturday night just would not be allowed. Instead I'm going to head into Cobblestone's (one of my favorite sports bar type places) to watch the game and grab dinner then we're going to meet after she get's out of work.

Tonight has the potential for some rowdiness. And to be honest, I'm ready for it. I've been getting that restless feeling again. Nothing is making me happy. I have the urge to get away for a day or two. Often times, this leads to me getting into trouble. Well I say bring it. I could use a little more spice in my life.

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