Monday, October 10, 2005


Eventually I did get out of the house Friday. In spite of the rain I found time to run to Target where I was able to show some restraint and not overspend. It's so easy to go into that store with one thing in mind and come out with about 10 other things plus the thing you went in for. Unless of course you're like me and you leave with the 10 other things then realize once you're almost home that you forgot to pick up the one thing you wanted.

I also managed to find something for my dad's birthday. We don't celebrate it like we used to. Since the whole weirdness with my parents' marriage started birthdays just aren't given quite as much attention as before. My dad also doesn't really like to celebrate his birthday so much anymore because he shared the day with my grandmother, and her death three years ago is still hard for him. So I left the bag with a nice new O's sweatshirt and a card from the three kids (Little Sis, the dog and I). I'm sure he liked it.

Saturday was wedding day. I actually got myself up early and made an attempt to make myself look like a human being. The ceremony was an early afternoon affair and even though it was gray and dreary outside, it was nothing but sunshine and smiles at the wedding site. The reception was wonderful, good food,, questionable music and the opportunity to catch up with old friends I have not seen in a long time. We sat around and talked so much that we closed the place down! The original plan for post-reception was to meet up at a local sports bar, Cobblestone's to catch the PSU-Ohio State game (ahem, WE ARE...PENN STATE!).

Somehow as we were leaving the reception Tom managed to bring home what was left of the quarter kegs of Yuengling and Bud Light. Instead of squandering our hard earned money at a bar, we went to Tom's apartment, filled the bathtub with ice and did our part to root on the Nittany Lion's while polishing off at least one of the kegs. Considering his performance Saturday night, it was a good call to make a drinking game out of Posluzny's name (everytime the announcer said Posluzny, we drank). After the game we all parted ways. I was supposed to go to another shin-dig at a different bar with friend Lyzz and her husband Brian but by the time we left Tom's I was more than a little tipsy and tired. So I opted for home and bed.

Sunday was more low key. There were many chores around the house I should have done but instead I went to the public skate at our local rink (I'll be missing practice this week). On the way home I picked up some things to throw on the grill as I'm trying my damndest to extend the grilling season as much as possible. I picked up a steak and some squash and zucchini which I seasoned with a wide variety of things (chili powder, garlic, salt, cumin and some Mrs. Dash). The rest of my night was pretty low key. We purchased the NHL Season Ticket so I caught Calgary at Detroit then I picked up my new book for some reading before bed. Before I knew it, it was almost 9:30 and I was yawning like crazy.

For once I actually paid attention to the fact that I was tired and hit the hay early. This morning I woke up without the usual dark circles and surprisingly refreshed. Who knew that eight hours of sleep could make a person feel so good?

Pictures from the wedding will be forthcoming.

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