Tuesday, November 15, 2005

But really, I DO live in the Northeast

One of my co-workers loves to forward emails from home to our group work email. Sometimes she does it before she comes in for the day. Sometimes they show up overnight for me to see in the morning. Sometimes she does it while she's at work, hopping on to the internet to check her personal email then forwarding it on to us.

Sometimes, it gets pretty freaking annoying.

Then, every now and then, she sends something worthwhile. This morning was no exception. I had about four emails from her waiting for me in the group email. The last one caught my attention, seeing as how I'm a total sucker for quizes and meme's.

Here is the link for the quiz she sent through today. It's a measure of how southern or northern your speech patterns are. I ranked a 58% Dixie, just on the Mason-Dixon line. Which, to my defense I only live about 30 miles north of. The whole quiz intrigued me because it shows just how much those around us and where we live affects our way diction. Example, I probably scored more on the southern side because I have family members on my mom's side of the family, not just Little Sis, that live in North Carolina as well as Louisiana. One week on vacation with them and I come home with more than a little bit of a southern drawl. Little sis has been living in N.C. for a little over a year and has a pronounced accent layered over top of her Pennsyltucky twang.

Take the quiz and feel free to leave your score in the comments.


Lyzz said...

61% (Dixie). Just under the Mason-Dixon Line.

Hmmm. Well, I do live just four miles above it . .

agategoddess said...

Huh, our numbers are a little close...coincidence, I don't think so.