Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The vote that really matters

Yes kids, today is election day. The day we all should head out to our local voting place and pull the lever for democracy. The day we all get to proudly wear cool little stickers proclaiming to the world, "I voted!" or if I had my way "I care about the way my government is run and if you didn't vote today then I don't want to hear any of your damn whining!"

But no, election day is not what I'm talking about today.

The vote that matters in my Cameron loving, Duke Blue bleeding heart is the Preseason AP poll. Yes my darlings, my beloved Dukies have been ranked #1 going into the 2005-2006 men's basketball season. The cream cheese icing on the carrot cake is that UNC is not even ranked. Oh and if that isn't enough, the women are ranked #1 too.

I was so excited this morning I nearly plotzed on my keyboard.

A day where I can enjoy politics is good. A day where I can revel in the wonderfulness of Duke basketball and politics is a day from heaven.

Yes, I know it's only the preseason poll but don't all you Duke haters tell me you wouldn't be shvitzing all over the place if UNC was ranked #1. Or Kansas. Or NC State. Or Michigan.

So go ahead an roll your eyes all you naysayers. This season it's all Duke, all the time, because this season, the boys are going all the way bitches!

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Anonymous said...



holy cow, wish i had been there to see THAT!

story of my life..i ALWAYS miss the great "plotzings"

heh heh heh

--mr. helpful