Friday, December 30, 2005

My sister the pimp

For some reason that is beyond my comprehension, Little Sis has decided its time for me to find a man and get married. I'm not sure what may have driven her to this conclusion but now that it's in her head she's on a mission.

Oh and not just any guy will do. She seems to think that since she's had such good luck with the Marines (brother in law is currently serving in Iraq) that I will too. Ahhh the optimism of youth.

In her mission to find me a beau she brought along the video camera her husband sent home from Iraq to the family Christmas. Supposedly it was to make movies of home to send to my brother in law. Little did I know, her real intent was to show my picture to some of the guys back in North Carolina.

If I had known she was going to do that, I would have actually made myself look like a human being! Jeez. A girl needs a little warning when she's going to be pimped out!

I don't know what happened when she showed them my photo. Frankly, I don't really care either. As emphatically stated before, the long distance thing and I usually don't get along really well. Him moving to Florida is the prime example. That and we just came to the end of the road.

PS: You may have noticed the ads at the top of the page. Due to a severe downfall in fundage (some unexpected bills came in the mail recently) I have been forced to find alternative forms of cash input. Sadly, I will also be returning to the world of two jobs after the New Year. If that isn't enough to put a downer on your clebration I don't know what is.

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