Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm sorry, but I seem to have slipped into someone else's life

I know I said I wanted to make some big changes this year but jeez, I didn't think anyone was going to take me seriously!

To start with, I have been so freaking motivated on the exercise front it's starting to scare me. Usually my weekly spurt of activity involves hockey practice on Wednesdays. That's it. So far I've been to the gym at least four times on top of hockey. I'm not sure where this motivation is coming from but if someone is slipping something into the water they can keep doing it.

And it seems a boy has entered the picture.

No, make that a man. This one seems a little bit different from the previous. A little older for once (as much as I hate to admit it, a high percentage of my formers are younger). Smart. Funny. And even though he's seen my picture, hasn't gone running away just yet. So there's something. Not sure where this is going to go so I won't say anymore for fear of jinxing it.

So that's where I stand just one full week into 2006. Saints preserve the streak and keep your fingers crossed that it continues.


mr. helpful said...

Yayyy!! You go girl!!

Lyzz said...

girl - call me! We must talk!